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welcome to zeomi

the zeomi ztab keyboard was conceived and designed to provide data entry personnel an easier and quicker way to enter data.

give our keyboard a try and you will experience first hand what all the talk is about.

my guarantee to you is as follows:  if you are not completely satisfied with the performance and operation of your ztab keyboard(s) notify us within 30 days and we will refund your money.

shelley barlow president of zeomi, inc.

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a number of friends and associates have asked me how the ztab keyboard came to be. i am the president of zeomi, inc. and also an avon representative. one evening while placing an avon add-on order, i realized that i was having to use the traditional tab key on the keyboard or the mouse to advance to the next field each time i entered a piece of data. i asked roger, who is vice-president of zeomi, inc. and owns a cpa firm, if he could find a keyboard with a tab key closer to the number pad, the research began. several phone calls, hours of searching the web, he could not find one like i wanted. roger and a friend re-engineered a traditional keyboard so that it had another tab key next to the number pad. we both tried the modified keyboard on our applications with great results. conducting several time studies to determine just how beneficial this additional key would be, we found that an average time savings of 40% for numerical data entry was achieved. at this point, we had some decisions to make. we then discussed the possibilities of making the new keyboard. after many calls and much research we decided to apply for the patent, contact manufacturing resources, engage manufacturer reps, and design the zeomi.com web site. after two years of planning and hard work the company was formed and named zeomi, inc. by roger and the new key was named ztab by shelley. in september 2004, the zeomi ztab keyboard became a reality.


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